Apple Enterprise Mobility Solutions

One-fifth of all information workers worldwide are using one or more Apple products at work. Almost half of all enterprises with 1000 or more employees are introducing Macs into the workplace.

As modern companies increasingly rely on Apple products for productivity, EMS has the knowledge and expertise to help them harness the power of Apple products to boost workforce productivity. 

EMS is a value-added provider of Apple services that can help enterprises make the most effective use of Apple technology, and we offer a comprehensive range of products, services, technical competence, training and support.

EMS helps enterprises procure Apple products, and roll out enterprise-wide solutions for mobile-device management. We help organisations integrate iPads and iPhones into their networks and unlock the full business potential of these devices. 

We support this rollout with end-user training, including tailored training programmes, and offer certification programmes for trainers working within enterprises.

We are the Apple Authorised Solution Expert in Education (ASE) for the KSA and UAE, and have the qualifications and experience to develop solutions for universities and institutions that support learning at all levels. We help organisations deploy Apple productivity tools such as Keynote and Pages, supported by iTunes U, to provide rich, personalised learning opportunities involving video, audio and other content.